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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today I did very, very little.

Doing my for-really-real job makes me about 20 dollars a day. Minus about 7 bucks for gas. I keep afloat because I live with my girlfriend and a preposterous amount of roommates in a tiny house, so no one pays very much rent. I could blame it all on the job market, but really, I make enough to get by and I'm lazy, so I feel no impetus to do anything more. This, however, is a very bad way of thinking. I have a son, ladies and gentleman, and I love him very much. Path of least resistance only works until he's old enough to go to school and then the cost of living will skyrocket for me. I'm relatively clever and articulate, but I dropped out and received a GED when I was 17, and haven't done much beyond food service and dishwashing for the last 10 years of my life. I need a really big foot in a door somewhere. If you could market whimsy, sass, smarm, and arrogance I'd be buying all you son's-a-bitches cars, though. So take comfort in my theoretical charity.
I'd be a pretty awesome guy if I was able.

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