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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maybe it's a Southern thing/thang?

I fucking love you bitches. My friends have been trying to click my ads and read my nonsense when they get a chance... it's added up to the cost of a box of diapers so far! I've never been blessed with skill, ability, money, or luck. What I have been rich in... is the best friends and family(most of em, anyway) you could ever want. I described my lifestyle in terms of long term investment once. Some people want power, fame, money or sex... so they spend time and effort for careers, training, appearance, and so on and so forth. I invested my time in building and maintaining social currency. I try to let people know I think of them, love them, and remember them when I can. I might not have wealth or fame or power or live a glamorous lifestyle... but they life I do lead is filled with love and laughs and good times.

Once again, I love you all so very much, even if you can't/don't/won't show it back ;)

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